Sunrise Controversy

On May 2, after a long 5+ hour meeting with some 70 speakers, the Board of Supervisors voted 6-4 to DENY the application of Sunrise for a special exception to build a facility at Westmoreland St.and Kirby Road. The Board affirmed the recommendation of the Planning Commission that the facility is incompatible with the site and does not satisfy all applicable standards of the law. A copy of President Sansone's testimony to the Board of Supervisors is available here.

Traffic Calming Meeting

On March 9 a community meeting was held at Chesterbrook Elementary School with personnel from Fairfax Country Department of Transportation (FCDOT) who presented the proposed plan for traffic calming on Franklin, Lorraine and Massachusetts avenues. The essence of the presentation was that FCDOT studied traffic patterns and speeds on the three roads requested and developed a preliminary plan for the installation of traffic humps that must be voted on by the residents in the ballot areas for each street. Maps are provided here for Franklin Avenue, Lorraine Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue, identifying the residences that must approve the proposed plan in order for it to be implemented. FCDOT will mail ballots to the residences which will give residents the option to vote for or against the proposed plan. It is important that residents fill out and return the ballots by the date indicated on the ballot (to be determined) by at least 50% of the residents in each ballot area. Of the ballots received by FCDOT, at least 60% of the ballots in each area must be in favor of the proposed plan for its final approval.

Tree Preservation

On February 12 FACA's president, Wally Sansone submitted testimony in strong support of CODE AMENDMENT - CHAPTER 122 TREE CONSERVATION ORDINANCE AMENDMENT (TREES). Click here to read the letter.

Please Help Update the FACA Directory

Our FACA directory is way out of date. Fortunately, our neighborhood is not that transient and much of the directory is still correct. However, it has been a long time since it was updated and many new people have moved in, some houses have been removed and rebuilt, and some addresses have changed. Your webmaster would like to bring the directory up to date and is requesting the help of all readers to make this happen. So I am asking all readers to please review the directory and send me an email with any changes that should be made. Your cooperation will be appreciated by all.

PS While you are at it, if you have any news about the neighborhood, concerns or know of any events that would be of interest to Franklin Park residents, please pass that on to me in an email.

Minor's Hill Historic Marker

DONATIONS FOR AN HISTORIC MARKER FOR MINOR's HILL ARE BEING SOUGHT - The historic home at the top of Minor's Hill (corner of Virginia and N.Nottingham) was demolished last week to construct three new homes. Last December the President of FACA, requested that Fairfax County arrange for experts to examine the site for artifacts and to document its history dating back to 1690, before all was lost. As a result, two volunteer experts prepared a very interesting report that you can access a copy of it here.

We are working to place a permanent Historic Marker at the site, to mark the history of Minor's Hill. The Fairfax County Historic marker will cost approximately $5,000. We need your support in this effort and ask you to please send a check in any amount to Mr. Wayne Knight, FACA Treasurer at 1912 Virginia Ave, McLean VA 22101. Please make your check payable to FACA and designate on the check (lower left memo line) that the money is for the historic marker.

Vinson Hall Activities

The Education Committee at Vinson Hall presents The Round Table, a forum for the presentation of various topics of interest to all. All events are free and everyone is invited to attend.

A program of travelogues is presented by the "Wandering Docent" at Vinson Hall. These fascinating travelogues are presented on Wednesdays at 2 PM, and Franklin Park residents who are free at that time are invited to attend. There is no admission charge for these events. Check the EVENTS page for the most current event listing.

On-Line Power Outage Information

Dominion Power has launched a new power outage map that is available on-line and on smart phone apps that will give customers updated information on power outages. The map features:
  • 15 minute updates
  • customizable street level or satellite imagery
  • improved search options
  • bookmarking to save addresses and areas
  • icon indicating arrival of repair crew to work on outage
To see the new map, click here.

Airplane and Helicopter Noise

Many Fairfax and Arlington County residents have complained about the noise of nighttime helicopter flights. In the Franklin Park neighborhood the main problem has been noise from helicopters presumably flying between CIA and the Pentagon or Ft. Belvoir. Congressman Beyer has introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act requiring the Defense Department and FAA to study the impact of military helicopter noise on our communities.

Quieting all helicopter noise over Northern Virginia is neither possible nor practical, but it should be possible for the DOD and FAA to find an alternative to low altitude flyovers. If you have complaints about late night helicopter or aircraft noise, let Congressman Beyer know.

Office of Emergency Management

The Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) provides emergency mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery services to the residents of Fairfax County. The office provides a newsletter and a blog that offer information on how to be prepared for and handle emergencies such as floods, earthquakes and other disasters. Click here to visit the OEM website.

Nextdoor Franklin Park

Franklin Park residents are encouraged to join Nextdoor Franklin Park. Those residents who have not received an invitation to join Nextdoor Franklin Park and wish to do so may request an invitation by sending a note to


Gerrymandering is an issue that affects all of us. It allows politicians to select their constituents instead of allowing citizens to select their politicians, and it effectively enables incumbents to hold office for life. Read more to see how it affects you, what is being done about it and what you can do about it.

Tree Preservation

Our trees in Franklin Park are among our most valued treasures and preserving them is a major concern to all of us. Read here.

Underground Utilities

Should Franklin Park residents pursue burial of utilities underground? Read here.

Neighborhood Zoning Violations

Of concern to all Franklin Park residents are the frequent violations of zoning ordnances by developers and the lack of enforcement by the county. On this site, we will begin posting specific incidents giving the location, land owner, developer, ordinance violation and action taken or not taken. (Click here to see what developers did to 1928 and 1930 Franklin Ave.

Traffic Issues

We are very concerned about the safety of our residents and have informed county officials on several occasions about traffic hazards in our neighborhood. Residents are encouraged to report traffic problems to
We are also concerned about the safety of waste and recycling industry workers. The law now requires drivers to change lanes, slow down to at least 10 miles per hour below the posted speed limit, and pass at least two feet to the left of any stationary vehicle that is collecting trash or recycling, and carries a penalty of up to $250 for any violation.

Trails and Sidewalks

Fairfax County DOT has begun the design for the sidewalks and estimates that the design will be completed later this year. Land for the sidewalks will be acquired in 2017 and construction completed in 2018. This graphic illustrates the location of the sidewalks. Click here to review the full presentation.

Reporting Streetlight Outages

Here's what to do if you find a street light that is out.